G5 550 CZ MWIR Camera

The 550CZ-18 Continuous Zoom Thermal Camera is the system of choice for long range all-weather security and surveillance. With outstanding very long range target detection and recognition capabilities, the 550CZ-18 combines high-end performance with G5IR reliability and ease of use.

The 550CZ-18 delivers in all conditions day or night or bad weather an extraordinarily clear long range thermal video images with the convenience of continuous zoom from 30 to 550mm. Its horizontal field of view zooms smoothly from 18° to 1.0°. It enables man-sized target detection at ranges in excess of 18km in good conditions. The 550CZ-18 integrates advanced cooled photodetector technology in a 640 x 512, 15μm pitch focal plane array and operates in the 3–5μm MWIR spectral region — the best choice for marine and high humidity environments. The G5IR’s environmentally sealed, dry nitrogen backfilled enclosure ensures operability and stability over variable temperatures and diverse weather conditions. The 550CZ-18 imager is remotely controllable via serial interface and intuitive Graphical User Interface.

Applications include vessel traffic surveillance, border protection, critical infrastructure protection, along with airport and port security.

Product Features
• 18X Continuous Optical Zoom• 2-Year Warranty
• 18.0° to 1.0° Horizontal Field of View• Environmentally Sealed IP67
• F/4.0 High Sensitivity Zoom LensMultiple Command Protocols
• Auto Focus• G5 Proprietary Image Processing
• Cooled 3–5μm MWIR Detector• Edge Enhancement
• 640 x 512 pixels Focal Plane Array• Optional: SD SDI Digital Video Output
• Target Detection*: Man <18km, Vehicle <40km

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