G5 300 CZ MWIR Camera

The 300CZ-14 Continuous Zoom Thermal Camera is the system of choice for mid range & long range all-weather security and surveillance. With outstanding target detection and recognition capabilities, the 300CZ-14 combines high-end performance with reliability and ease of use.

The 300CZ-14 delivers in day or night an extraordinarily clear thermal video with the convenience of continuous zoom from 22 to 300mm. Its horizontal field of view zooms smoothly from 24.6° to 1.4°. It enables man-sized target detection at ranges in excess of 11km in good conditions. The 300CZ-14 integrates advanced cooled photodetector technology in a 640 x 512, 15μm Pitch focal plane array and operates in the 3–5μm MWIR spectral region — the best choice for marine and high humidity environments. Environmentally sealed, dry nitrogen backfilled enclosure ensures operability and stability over variable temperatures and diverse weather conditions. The 300CZ-14 imager is remotely controllable via serial interface and Graphical User Interface.

Applications include vessel traffic surveillance, border protection, critical infrastructure protection, along with airport and port security.

Product Features
• 14X Continuous Optical Zoom• 2-Year Warranty
• 24.6° to 1.4° Horizontal Field of View• Environmentally Sealed IP67
• F/4.0 High Sensitivity Zoom Lens• Multiple Command Protocols
• Auto Focus• G5 Proprietary Image Processing
• Cooled 3–5μm MWIR Detector• Edge Enhancement
• 640 x 512 pixels Focal Plane Array• Optional: SD SDI Digital Video Output
• Target Detection*: Man <18km, Vehicle <40km

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