FAST-IR Mid Wave Cameras

The FAST-IR MWIR infrared cameras from Telops offer high-speed thermal imaging with impressive temporal resolution. With ultrafast frame rates and available broadband MWIR response, the Fast IR series mid-wave cameras are ideal to analyze even the most challenging events. These high-performance infrared cameras are also extremely sensitive, enabling their use for even the most demanding infrared imaging tasks.  A variety of focal planes, features, and functions provide a range of camera models to address any application and budget. Whether you need high speed, high definition, or both, the FAST-IR series offers an infrared camera to meet your needs.

• Blackbody-free permanent calibration• Calibration up to 2500 °C (optional)
• High-speed internal memory buffer: up to 16 GB• Gig-E & Camera Link
• Trigger In, Trigger Out• SDI, GPS, IRIG-B, RS232 and thermistor ports
• Lock-In (optional)• Automatic exposure control (AEC)
• Enhanced high-dynamic-range imaging (EHDRI)



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