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FAST SWIR S1K Radiometric

The FAST S1K camera series is the fastest infrared camera in the short wave infrared band. It is designed to provide radiometric measurements of hot targets in the application context of IR signature and ranging. A unique camera with kilohertz and radiometric imaging capability in the SWIR, the SWIR S1K also features high sensitivity for low light measurements, thanks to its ultra-low-noise detector. High-performance electronics produce thermal images
at full window frame rates of up to 1 000 fps. Subwindows can even be acquired at rates higher than 109 000 fps, depending on the selected subwindow size.

• Up to 1000 FPS @ 640x512• Calibration 300˚C to 1000 °C (optional)
• High-speed internal memory buffer: up to 16 GB• Gig-E & Camera Link
• Trigger In, Trigger Out• SDI, GPS, IRIG-B, RS232 and thermistor ports
• Lock-In (optional)• Automatic exposure control (AEC)
• Enhanced high-dynamic-range imaging (EHDRI)• Blackbody-free permanent calibration


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