The Hyper-Cam is an advanced infrared hyperspectral imaging system. This remote sensing instrument combines high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution providing unmatched performances. It is a versatile tool for remote detection, identification, and quantification. The Hyper-Cam provides the highest spatial resolution on the market. Its 320 × 256-pixel FPA detector also ensures excellent 2D image quality. The Hyper-Cam offers the best spectral resolution available. The spectral features of the targets can be well resolved providing good selectivity. It is user-selectable up to 0.25 cm-1.

Hyperspectral cubes are recorded as a function of time allowing characterization of time-dependent events like gas cloud dispersion and combustion. Measurement time varies with acquisition parameters; this allows the fastest recording of dynamic events.  The high-sensitivity sensor combined with automated high-efficiency calibration sources ensure excellent radiometric measurements

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