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C-RED One Ultra Low Noise SWIR Camera

C-RED One from First Light Imaging employs a unique 320 x 256 pixels HgCdTe e-APD array with 24 μm pixel pitch. The sensor allows sub-electron readout noise, taking advantage of the e-APD noise free multiplication gain and non-destructive readout ability. C-RED One is also capable of multiple regions of interest (ROI) readout allowing faster image rate (10’s of KHz) while maintaining unprecedented sub-electron readout noise. The sensor is cooled down to cryogenic temperature (90 K) using an integrated pulse tube with a high reliability. C-RED One is opening a new era in terms of sensitivity and speed in the SWIR scientific cameras domain.

Key Product Features
• 1 electron RON + dark• Up to 3500 FPS full frame
• Multiple readout modes (Global Reset, Rolling reset, Single read, CDS or non-destructive reads)• 90K Operation with integrated pulse tube cooling
• 320 x 256 pixels revolutionary Avalanche Photodiode Detector (e-APD)• 24 µm pixels pitch
• Clock & trigger imput / output for synchronous operation• Available in H band configuration (0.8 – 1.75 μm) with f/4 baffle
• Available in K band configuration (0.8 – 2.43 μm) with f/20 baffle• Embedded cold blocking filters


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